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Ignoring the Simple Solution

Most major corporations offer Health Insurance of some kind. It has become a necessity to attract and maintain employees and has been a key component of Company Benefit Programs for decades. What many people don’t realize is that these major companies are basically ‘Self Insured’ and only use Insurance Companies to administer internally funded programs.


What does this mean? This means that when employees USE their health insurance; get sick, receive medical attention, fill prescriptions, have surgeries or other treatments, the Company PAYS. It directly impacts the profitability of the Company and therefore the ability to give You a raise. It also impacts the Bottom Line profitability of the company, but few investors actually pay much attention.


You would Think, that the Company CFO would be concerned about this significant but perceived as an uncontrollable expense! But not so much! They just continue to fund this expense that most view as Uncontrollable and usually is ever INCREASING as more and more Americans become sick and increasingly use medical services.


What if there were an easy, cost-effective, even Cheap, way to reduce this major expense line item? Would your CFO be interested? How about the Board of Directors, stockholders and institutional investors? I bet they would be if it meant more money in Their pockets and portfolios!


The solution to major expense reduction in Health Care Benefit Expenses is so easy and should be obvious to most Executives in corporations but they almost totally ignore this for their companies and, often more importantly, for themselves!


The Solution is Nutrition! Yep, simply what the employees eat. Often what is made available in a company cafeteria has an impact on the health and therefore the performance of the employees.


A simply plan to encourage employees AND Officers of the Company to become aware of what they eat and how a more healthy diet can impact their performance is the key. A focus on a more Plant Based Diet & Lifestyle can do wonders for the employees as well as the bottom line expense. It happens quickly.


How would your company perform if few or none of the employees contracted a cold or flu and spread it around the office? What would happen if the employees had more energy; both mental and physical? How about reducing the occurrence for major illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes? The expense reduction would be dramatic!


The impact can spread to the families so the overall Medical Expense Reduction cascades. Most families have coverage with the Group Plans available to keeping the employee family healthy is a benefit as well. This cascading effect can even help out the baseball or bowling team!


This has been Proven with Geico Insurance Company. For years they have offered and encouraged better employee health with a focus on a Plant Based Lifestyle. Working with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (, their program has been in full force for years and the results have been dramatic!


WHY don’t more companies institute inexpensive programs that have a significant ROI across all areas of the Company? A healthy lifestyle can be Simply Delicious.


This can be a competitive advantage for Any Company to pursue. If you or your Company is interested in finding more about how to institute a Health Program for your company, just give us a call. Explore our Corporate Wellness Program! See how easy it is to promote a delicious way to better health with a Simply Plant Based program!




Skip Stein is the Chief Wellness Officer at Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living. Based in Orlando Florida, they offer both Corporate and Individual wellness programs, training and classes.