Simple Plant Based Cuisine
Whole Food Nutritional Cooking

Multi-Faceted Approach


Cooking Demonstrations


We can provide Cooking Demonstrations and Educational Programs to help people understand the techniques and approaches to dietary Lifestyle Modification of a Plant Base Lifestyle  See some of our sample videos here: Plant-Based Cooking.



Movie at Lunch


In addition, we can screen several feature length documentaries for your employees.  Most are short enough to screen during a 'lunch and learn' so as to lessen the impact on the daily office routine.  See our 'Movie Night Offering'!


Health Retreat


We can present a weekend of Health & Wellness.  We combine our Lecture Series with Cooking Demonstrations that teach how easy and inexpensive  preparing Plant-Based Cuisine can be.


We can conduct the event at a location of your choosing or assist you in the selection of a suitable site.  We can accomodate almost any location.  Please call us to discuss scheduling and event locatoin.


See our Sample Menu we can offer: Health & Wellness Retreat Menu


Chef Nancy Stein can provide Cooking Demonstrations to help people learn the techniques and approaches to dietary Lifestyle Changes of a Plant Base Lifestyle.


Chef Nancy

Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition

T. Colin Campbell Foundation through Cornell University



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Employee Wellness Program

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