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Making Plant Based 'CHEESE'

Left Picture: top left Provolone, Pepper Jack, (Right Top) Brie, (Center) Firm Mozzarella, American, (Bottom Left) Fresh Mozzarella, (Bottom Right) Hard Parmesan.  On the far right, Non-Dairy Cottage 'Cheese'

YES, they are all plant-based!

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Cheese is pretty addictive and can be the single biggest reason why people just can't go fully on a Plant-Based Diet.  There is even a special term for it: Lacto-Vegetarian.  These folks avoid all animal products except for those made from animal dairy excretions. While these are terrific if you are a calf, baby goat or other animal.  Human milk is fantastic for human babies and cow's milk is great for calfs but crossing over; not so much.

Well you ask, just what IS 'Plant-Based Cheese'.  Well it certainly is NOT made from animal dairy.  It IS made from plant based stuff and the components vary widely.  Yes it is available in a variety of forms and from several producers on commercial grocery shelves, but have you tasted it?  Some is not bad, but others really don't deserve to be remotely termed 'cheese' at all.  There are numerous reasons to avoid animal dairy 'cheese' and we have some listed here.

In this class we will explore the many different varieties of plant based cheese making.  Using a vast array of ingredients we will show you techniques and styles of making your favorite 'cheese' such that you will hardly even know the difference.  They are absolutely DELICIOUS and will remove that last obstacle you may have from completing your journey to a Plant Based Lifestyle!

Making Plant-Based Cheese

This class will focus on making non-dairy cheeses.  We will not go into nutritional information or the reasons to journey towards a Plant Based Lifestyle.  No, we will focus simply on making some of the most delicious 'vegan cheeses' you have ever tasted.  Well you have NEVER tasted vegan cheese like these, we can almost guarantee it!  You may decide you love these cheeses even better than those you consume or used to consume and these are actually GOOD FOR YOU!

  Making Plant-Based Cheese - Curriculum

Glossary Discussion

Non-Dairy 'milk'

Non-Dairy 'creams'

Types of Tofu

Tools & Equipment


Types of Cheeses

Non-Dairy 'Cottage Cheese & Yogurt'

Non-Dairy 'Fresh Mozzarella'

Non-Dairy 'Greek Feta Cheese'

Tofu Based Cheese

Nut Based Cheese

Soy & Almond Milk Cheese

Cheese Sauces

Cheesy Seasoning Blends


Preparation Techniques

Making Selected Cheeses

Storage and Presentation


Classes taught by:

Chef Nancy A. Stein

Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition

Note: Individual Classes are limited and fill quickly.

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