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Living a Lactose/Casein Free Lifestyle

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We will show you how lactose and casein are in many of the processed/prepared foods in the grocery store.  We identify many choices you have to enjoy a lactose/casein free lifestyle and never miss out on any of your favorite foods.  Moreover, you may experience a healthier overall energy level and weight loss.

A Plant Based Lifestyle is pretty much, by definition, lactose/casein free as these are animal food based.  A Plant Based Lifestyle eliminates the animal products and replaces them with delicious and nutritions plant based alternates! Yes, you CAN enjoy your 'ice cream' and cheese too!  All the while experiencing the enhanced flavors your taste buds will learn to experience and enjoy!

This class will focus on making non-dairy lactose/casein free foods.  We will not go into nutritional information or the reasons to journey towards a Plant Based Lifestyle.  No, we will focus simply on making some of the most delicious 'vegan cheeses' and meals you have ever tasted.  Well you have NEVER tasted vegan cheese like these, we can almost guarantee it!  You may decide you love these cheeses even better than those you consume or used to consume and these are actually GOOD FOR YOU!

YES, non-Dairy Cottage 'Cheese', Ice 'Cream' and 'CHEESE'!


Lactose/Casein Free Meals- Curriculum


Glossary Discussion

Non-Dairy 'milk'

Non-Dairy 'creams'

Types of Tofu

Tools & Equipment


Types of Ice Cream

Soy Based

Coconut Milk Based

Almond and Hemp Milk



Types of Cheeses

Non-Dairy 'Cottage Cheese & Yogurt'

Non-Dairy 'Fresh Mozzarella'

Non-Dairy 'Greek Feta Cheese'

Tofu Based Cheese

Nut Based Cheese

Soy & Almond Milk Cheese

Cheese Sauces

Cheesy Seasoning Blends


Types of Breads

Spelt and Other Whole Grains

Gluten Free Flour

Selecting Dairy Free Breads


Preparation Techniques


Making Selected Cheeses & Ice Cream


Storage and Presentation



Eggless Specialties

Eggless beDeviled Eggs

Classes taught by:

Chef Nancy A. Stein

Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition

Note: Individual Classes are limited and fill quickly.

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