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What is Healthcare Costing Your Company?

Many companies are self insured or in 'risk pools' for insurance based on medical/health claims filed by their employees. How many of those claims are lifestyle related? Do you realize that most lifestyle diseases, like heart disease, diabetes 2, obesity and even some cancers are directly related to how your employees live?


How people live on a daily basis, working, eating and sleeping is critical to over all Health & Wellness. Most people recognize this as a simple fact but few, oh so very few actually ACT to correct deficiencies in their lifestyle. Deficiencies that are impacting their health and well being and yes, the Joy of Living.


When people are really sick, they typically hate everything they do. It impacts their personal relationships at home and at work. Concentration is impacted. Ability to interact well with others is impacted. Often, clinical depression can set in if this situation isn't corrected.


How many people are on drugs. Yes prescription drugs dictated by their doctor and paid by the medical insurance plan. Did you know that most of these drugs are doing more harm than good? Do you realize then when prescribed, they are often considered necessary for LIFE?


This is NOT a forgone fact. There are so many natural, no side effect Foods, herbs and remedies that are even MORE effective than those drugs. They are both cheaper, easier to obtain, ingest and help treat, not only the ailment, but overall health & wellness of the person.


Lifestyle can be changed. People can learn how to improve their health. Lifestyle adjustments need not be extreme and can often be applied gradually. As health, vitality and wellness improve it becomes a self actuating cycle of ever improving health & wellness.


Your Company can Save Money by encouraging individual health & wellness thus saving the individual as well as the company massive premium costs. It truly is a Win-Win proposition.


It is pretty easy to do and the ROI is rapidly achieved. The return is not just with employee wellness but increased productivity, and in reduced premium costs.


Let Us at Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living help your company structure a lifestyle education program to improve employee health & productivity.


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Skip Stein is a Corporate Wellness Counselor and Chef Nancy is the instructor for lifestyle nutrition classes.