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Nancy Speaks Out

With all the information that is out there...

Why are Americans so reluctant to change their eating habits?

Why do we wait until illness and disease strike?

Why do we still not change our eating habits when illness and disease is diagnosed?

Why would the average American prefer medications that have side effects worse then the illness or disease?

Why do Americans prefer to have surgeries, chemo and radiation then to eat healthy?

Why do Americans prefer to die hooked up to life machines then to die of natural causes in their sleep?

Maybe Americans can't make these decisions because their brains are already effected by the poisons that are already in our food supply. Maybe Americans can't make these decisions as food manufacturers have already made everyone addicted to their processed foods.

There must be a chemical hidden in our foods supply that makes us believe what the meat and dairy institutes are telling us is true. Is it Governments way of downsizing populations? I wouldn't put it past them.

Will the world wake up one day and just say "NO"? I would like to think so, but know that will not happen soon. When will everyone realize that FOOD IS MEDICINE, and that our bodies have the unique ability to heal itself if given the proper nutrition. That is so much easier to understand, more economical then health care cost. We the Americans have been so brainwashed to think that something so simple could be so healing....Whole Foods...yet we continue our self destruction for pleasure, it feels so good, it taste so good, who cares what it does to my body. I understand we all eventually die, but I want to live what life I have to be independent and healthy and enjoying life to my fullest.