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Are Thee Vegan or are Thee Plant-Based?

T'Pau of Vulcan

In one of the better original Star Trek episodes ("Star Trek: Amok Time (#2.1)" (1967)), T'Pau Challenges Spock on his Vulcan Dedication/Belief/Loyalty:

Spock: I will do what I must, T'Pau, but not with him. His blood does not burn. He is my friend. (Spock is referring to Captain Kirk).

T'Pau: It is said thy Vulcan blood is thin. Are thee Vulcan, or art thee human? 

Spock: I burn, T'Pau. My eyes are flame. My heart is flame. Thee has the power, T'Pau. In the name of my fathers... forbid. Forbid! 

This reminds me of conversations regarding our diet and lifestyle.  We are 'Plant-Based' which means we totally avoid all meat, fish, dairy and eggs; as well as all their derivatives.  As Vegans also do the same, all Vegans follow a Plant-Based regime.

The major difference is the focus of most Plant-Based Lifestyle folks is on Health & Wellness while that of Vegans tends to be more focused on animal treatment and promotion of animal welfare.

While, in the end, the results of avoiding all meat, fish, dairy and eggs (and derivatives) accomplishes the same objective: less/no consumption of animal products, it is all about the focus.

There are many 'junk food vegans' who are not all that healthy.  Plant-Based, with it's focus on Health & Wellness avoids all (well almost all) junk food, overly processed 'food' and all GMO (genetically modified organisms).  Vegans may consume GMO products and other, not so healthy products while still avoiding animal products.

Plant-Based Lifestyle and dietary regimes focus on delicious Plant Based Cuisine, not just avoiding meat, fish, dairy and eggs but ENJOYING Plant-Based Cuisine.  The variety is almost endless and most Americans have no clue the diversity, flavors and dining excellence that is available with Plant-Based Cuisine.

This might be, for some, a purely semantical difference but to others it is serious business.  By using terms Plant-Based we hope to convey the message while avoiding much of the controversy.

So, are Thee Vegan or are Thee Plant-Based?

I'll let the Vulcans decide!