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“What it means to be Vegan”



Being Vegan, Plang Based or Vegetarian means different things to different people. One can become vegan or vegetarian for Ethical reasons, Environmental reasons and for Health reasons. I have chosen the latter “Health” reasons for the purpose of the introduction to my learning manual. Please note I advocate the vegan life style as vegetarians still consume diary and eggs, which I believe evokes ill health in many so I do teach my cooking classes without the use of animal protein, fish, dairy and eggs. I use Organic Whole Foods - Vegetables and Fruits, Grains and Pastas, Beans and Legumes, Nuts and Seeds, Meat Alternatives such as Non-GMO Tempeh, Seitan and Tofu( We will later learn what is good and what is bad with Soy issues). After much studying and research I personally found the plant-based diet convincing enough to be classified as a perfect diet for humans to consume with the added benefit of optimal health.

It is my sincere desire to show how eating Vegan can achieve the life-style changes of a slimmer you, with younger vibrant looking skin, more energy, less colds and flu as well as adding vitamins, nutrients, and yes even protein as well as antioxidants, minerals, and calcium to your diet, also an added benefit to Eating Vegan is that is contains no cholesterol and is low in saturated fats. I do prefer to use the term “Plant Based Diet” rather then vegan Diet as it is not so overwhelming to people eliminating meat, fish, dairy and eggs from their daily lives. I also do not like to refer to eating Vegan as a diet. This is a life-style change and its not easy there are challenges, but lets face it nothing in life that is rewarding seems to be easy.

It's all about taking one step at a time. You don't have to completely eliminate all of your favorites at once, you begin by introducing vegan foods as a “Free” day away from meat, fish, dairy and eggs two or even three times a week until you see that what you thought you would miss (meat, fish, dairy and eggs) isn't so bad after all and you just might start to quickly feel the health benefits are now starting to out way the desires and cravings that bring ill health to our bodies. Remember our bodies were created from a higher being and in his creation we were given the miraculous power to tap into our bodies with good nutrition, exercise and spiritual awakening allowing us to take control of our own self healing mechanisms.

I am often asked the question by many that “If I an not eating meat, dairy and eggs, what can I eat”? It is my sincere desire to teach each and everyone of you how to accomplish this with simple strategies to delicious recipes that offer profound Health Benefits. Schedule one of our classes now!