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Education Before Medication


"If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny." ~ Thomas Jefferson ~


Give up meat?  What am I gonna eat?


Most people accept that red meat is not the most healthy food, but others try to decide between chicken and fish. It is like choosing whether to be 'shot or hung'.  It is your choice!


In this 'Healthy Living' section, we will be very subjective and describe what Skip and I are doing.  This may not suite everyone, but it doesn't really matter.  You have to do what you are comfortable doing.   Even if you do just a little in the area of eating better and improving your diet, it will go a long way in providing you with a healthier and longer life!  After all, we all want to enjoy our retirement years, Grandkids and life in general!

This all started when Skip was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer!  Things like this DO tend to get your attention.  After many weeks of intensive research and second, third and fourth opinions we found that if a true CURE was to be had (Not just 5 years as the stats report by traditional medicine), we had to go rogue and take a different approach, totally, than that recommended (often loudly) by doctors and friends and family.


This will be a more detailed description of our approach and how we went about constructing our healthy Plant Based Lifestyle. I say WE as this is a family effort lead by Skip's wonderful wife Chef Nancy. We did the 'research' and found that the common dominator in most healthy living approaches was Plant Based Cuisine.  I say Cuisine as it really is a fabulous and delicious eating option.

One of the reasons for choosing to dramatically change our life style, is health.  We don't want to be sick as we get older!  Our research has shown that changing lifestyle with a focus on healthier diet, more exercise (yea, everyone says that), and most important having FUN with it, is a key to success.

No matter what your status, you have to start with RESEARCH. Don't let anyone do it for you as this is a journey, not a destination! Part of the understanding and your comfort level with your decisions will be derived from this research. It is truly daunting, the amount and quality of information available is truly staggering! Involve your family and loved ones if possible. As I said my wife did so much research and funneled the most important stuff to me. I also did my own and shared it with her. I will compile a short list of the most important (to ME) in the 'Links' section of this web site.

Since standard allopathic medicine provides absolutely no guidelines as to dietary impact on your health, I decided that there HAD to be other choices.  When you get sick, the traditional MD will prescribe a pill; the side effects of the standard modalities were just too negative and almost worse than the disease itself. After all, I plan to live into my 100's to see my Grandchildren's Children! The side effects of most allopathic medical treatments were just too bizarre and negative.  Just LISTEN to the TV drug advertisements if you doubt this.

Anyway, on with the approach....

Nancy and Skip had been migrating towards a more healthy diet for several years.  They ate less red meat, more chicken and even some lamb now and then (thanks to our lovely neighbors!).  Their research as yours will also reveal that this was NOT enough.

Low and behold, they found that there were numerous ''Food' sites that define, describe and encourage you to eat healthier.  Also, if you are sick, have cancer, heart disease or other major aliment, there are many sites that profess to CURE it or at least provide for a more vibrant quality of life while you deal with your illness.  Over the years, doctors said nothing about that!  And is all seems so simple!

    1. Change your Lifestyle,
    2. Change your diet,
    3. Add a bit of exercise.

 That's it!...

                  Whoa, not so fast you say? 

                                                             And right you should!

                                                                                                     It ain't quite that easy!


It's a Lifestyle, NOT a Diet!

Think about it!  Lifestyle and diet is something that has been YOU for your entire life.  It consists of your family heritage, history and upbringing.  Depending on country of origin and places you have lived, your lifestyle and diets has probably changed slightly over 10's of years.  When they say "Change your lifestyle" and "Change your diet" they really mean CHANGE!  Like in obliterate all previously held beliefs, food choices, desires and favorite fast foods.

It ain't easy!

You will see that on all the sites (that aren't totally wacko) the common threads seem to be:

They ALL say: 

  • Eat Whole Foods!
  • Eat Raw Foods!
  • Eat Organically Grown Foods!
  • Avoid GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)!

So you have heard of Vegetarians?  How about Vegans?  Frankly I always considered them a bit extreme; focused more on animal rights than Health, Wellness or Nutrition. 

How About Plant-Based?  That is a more recent popular term to describe the nutritional components of Vegetarians/Vegans with a focus on Health, Wellness and Nutrition.  Vegans are fully Plant-Based.  Vegetarians and other variations are not.

We are now and have been strictly Plant-Based for well over 6 years!

See, I told you it wasn't easy, but what in life that is of value truly is 'easy'?

I Can Tell You the Cuisine is DELICIOUS!

The following sections will detail more about how and why we got where we are today and where we seem to be heading.  If nothing else, it has been an enlightening journey; one that continues as we expand our knowledge of things never taught to us or apparently to our doctors!

This aspect of our Lifestyle approach is first finding out what issues you have.  Providing someone who will Listen first and never try to tell you what to do!  That never works, just like dieting never, ever works.

We want to understand why you think you need a Lifestyle Coach in the first place <smile>!  Yes, we will let you know if we don't think you do!  On the otherhand, the reason you contacted us in the first place was because of your perceived need for assistance.


Read more on our background and how we got here!