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Do NOT Fear Cancer

You Fight Cancer

You may have cancer, I’m sure you know someone who had or has cancer.  It may have been a loved one, a dear friend or a neighbor, everyone knows someone why has/had cancer.  It is at epidemic proportions across America and challenges other diseases for the dominant cause of death.  It Most Certainly is the Major Cause of Pain and Suffering; for both the patient and those near and dear.


When someone is diagnosed with cancer, any cancer, the first thought in the patient’s head is that “I’m going to die.”.  That same fear is believed by relatives and friends.  Most unfortunately, the medical industry does little to assuage that fear!  In fact, most support that fear often explaining only deferring tactics/treatments, NEVER A CURE.  That, my friends, borders on Criminal Behavior!


Whether it’s the TV, advertisements on the Internet or from your medical industry professional (usually the oncologist), there is little hope truly offered to the patient.  Cancer treatment centers have sprung up it seems on every corner; just like drug stores (another topic).  For decades, the medical industry has been, literally, treating patients to death!


Seldom, if ever, do you see a TV advertisement, hear it from your doctor (they would lose their license!) that Cancer CAN BE CURED and not just for 5 years that is the medical industry statistical definition of a ‘cure’.


When you have cancer, like I have had (prostate), you understand the abject FEAR that is engendered by these medical practitioners.  In my case, the asshole doctor, actually described to my wife all the horrendous things to expect as the cancer metastasized in my body.  It was worse than any horror movie you have ever imagined!  And I was sitting right there!


Fortunately, oh so fortunately, we had enough information to eventually totally reject this malfeasance on behalf of the, so called, medical profession.  We researched and found that there are thousands and thousands of people who FOUGHT and WON the cancer fight; and it wasn’t with the aid of conventional medical practitioners.  In fact, it was IN SPITE of the traditional medical industry.


I am still alive today, largely in part to totally rejecting ALL traditional treatments before they could ruin my already damaged immune system.  You see, when you allow these macabre treatments that poison your body hoping you will survive for 5 years so they can claim a ‘cure’, you are destroying your Own Body’s defenses that are designed to Fight Cancer!


The approach I took, and one that I pray you will at least consider, is to focus on my Own Body, My Own Mind and My Own Immune system.  Talk to, not only survivors, but those who have been CURED of their cancer.  There are hundreds and hundreds of sources; even cruises you can take (which I can highly recommend).  Talking to others who have Cured Themselves and have remained Healthy for decades after being told they were going to die; is both Uplifting and Encouraging.  There IS HOPE but you MUST FIGHT!


The major issue with telling someone to Fight their Cancer is trying to explain that it is so SIMPLE.  Too simple in fact that most just can’t believe that their ‘doctor’ never told them about this alternative.  Well, the reason is that most doctors have NOT A CLUE; despite all their training.  They actually believe that poison can cure; think about that!  POISON NEVER CURED ANYTHING!


No, the very Simple Solution to Cancer, and in fact to almost every lifestyle disease, is to focus on your Own Body’s Immune system.  You contracted cancer (or other diseases) because you had a ‘systems failure’ in your immune system.  Your internal warriors were somehow compromised (too many ways to go into here).  So HOW do you do that?


Remember I said the solution was SIMPLE?  Well it IS.  You must focus on strengthening and often reviving your immune system of your own body to FIGHT.  It was designed to do this and to protect YOU from disease (yea, even the common cold).  So, if you are sick, have cancer, the REASON is that your Natural Immune systems was compromised/failed.  So just what IS this Simple Solution?  It’s so obvious that most just ignore it.  Most won’t believe it.  Most ‘doctors’ totally reject it.  The answer is SO SIMPLE:


The Answer IS WHOLE FOODS to Nourish Your Body!


See, I said it was simple.  But most people just don’t understand what ‘Whole Food’ actually is.  Let’s start by discussing what it is NOT:

        Fast Food McDonalds, Burger King, KFC.

        Processed Food in a box.

        Foods containing Saturated Fat, Hydrogenated Oils.

        High Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners processed foods.

        GMO products & derivatives.

        And the BIGGIE: Meat, Fish, Dairy and Eggs ~ The Deadly Four!


When I refer to Whole Food, I’m talking about Plant Based Foods.  In my research and studies, the common denominator of ALL cancer (and other diseases) cures was a focus on Plant Based Foods and Lifestyle.  Avoiding ALL meat, fish, dairy and eggs; what I call the Deadly Four!


Some say it’s impossible to do; but it is truly both Easy and DELICIOUS, you just have to CHANGE your Lifestyle.  Change to a Lifestyle focused on Whole Plant Foods, Healthy Living and LIFE, not death and dying!  Rebuilding your Natural Immune system to FIGHT cancer (and any other disease) that has invaded your body.


Yes, it takes some training, replacing bad habits (often followed for decades) with good ones.  Changing/replacing/adjusting your dietary habits.  Focusing on Whole Foods for a Healthier Lifestyle. In the end, you just have to learn to enjoy Delicious Plant Based Cuisine, get some exercise and Enjoy your LIFE!


No matter what you choose to do. I am certainly not going to tell you what to do.  A Plant Based dietary support system will help you combat your cancer and enhance whatever treatment approach you choose to take.  But YOU CHOOSE!  Do NOT let Anyone tell you that you MUST do this or that.  YOU CHOOSE.  Make an Informed Decision. Do NOT Let FEAR rule. Do NOT blindly follow any medical advice without second, third, fourth or more opinions and do your OWN research (hopefully with the aid of family and friends).


Do NOT Fear Cancer ~ You FIGHT Cancer!

Fight and WIN!




Skip Stein is a Lifestyle Counselor with Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living in Central Florida.  Skip was diagnosed with prostate cancer in early 2010. His story is found here: