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There are many reasons why everyone should be concerned by genetically modified/engineered foods (plants and animals). These derivatives of natural life forms are often refereed to as GMO or GE organisms. In science fiction writings these 'mad scientist' experiments are amusing and entertaining; like the Andromeda Strain (1971) that depicts a rogue virus from outer space threatening all life on Earth. Well that is just entertainment and good science fiction; right?

Did you know that the USA Supreme Court has allowed corporations to patent Life? Yes, corporations (like Monsanto and others) have patented LIFE. How you ask can they do that? Because lawyers and judges have written/interpreted the law to say they can.

Currently, up to 40 percent of U.S. corn is genetically engineered as is 80 percent of soybeans. It has been estimated that upwards of 60 percent of processed foods on supermarket shelves–from soda to soup, crackers to condiments–contain genetically engineered ingredients.

A number of studies over the past decade have revealed that genetically engineered foods can pose serious risks to humans, domesticated animals, wildlife and the environment. Human health effects can include higher risks of toxicity, allergenicity, antibiotic resistance, immune-suppression and cancer. As for environmental impacts, the use of genetic engineering in agriculture will lead to uncontrolled biological pollution, threatening numerous microbial, plant and animal species with extinction, and the potential contamination of all non-genetically engineered life forms with novel and possibly hazardous genetic material.

But forget about those dangers! This is business and no one should get in the way of business; right? After all, Free Enterprise is sacred right? But what if this Free Enterprise impinges on another's Free Enterprise? That is where the courts come it correct? Well they have but they have ruled that on company can control/own/patent, Life. By doing so, that means that they control the seeds of plants. If a farmer plants GMO seeds, fine and good (he pays a licensing fee in addition to the cost of the seeds), BUT he cannot save the seeds from the plants he grows as they belong (by patent) to the patent holder (like Monsanto).

What happens when the pollen from one farm is carried, by wind, bees, bugs across to a similar crop in a neighboring field? BAM, now those plants are cross-fertilized by the GMO plan thus making the neighboring crop GMO contaminated. What happens now? Well the patent owner can sue the neighboring farmer who, through no fault of his own, has been contaminated by the neighboring GMO crop! (Google Monsanto Lawsuits against farmers).

Just like in the Andromeda Strain (the movie), viruses or pollen is carried by the wind and animals in a naturally occurring natural orchestration of life. If this happened with the Ebola Virus, Bird Flu or any other unchecked/uncontrolled propagation of a virus or foreign plant species, the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the FDA and a host of 'agencies' would be all over it!

Just try to bring in a banana or orange from your vacation in Mexico or anywhere else when re-entering the USA through Customs! No way! They confiscate ANY plant, fruit, vegetable and BURN them; by LAW. They fear that a 'foreign' plant/seed would go 'wild' and endanger life, agriculture, food and health!

But plant and animal contaminated 'products' are allowed by LAW in the USA if you have a patent. No matter that is uncontrolled cross-fertilization/contamination. No matter threat these often called 'frankenfoods' may cause or contribute to a host of health and wellness problems suffered by millions in the USA. No matter that most other civilized countries have BANNED these products because of the lack of testing and assessment of long term environmental and health impact. Nope, in the USA, the Supreme Court has said it is just dandy fine to go right ahead and pollute natural crops and species with pesticide genetic material and even (in some experimental versions) human genetic material (would that make you a cannibal if you ate such animal or crop food?).

Afraid of your health being in danger? Guess not as the products fly off the shelves. Oh, wait.... there is no labeling that might tell you that the foods you purchase off the grocery shelves are based or contain GMO food elements. Wonder why? Because most people would avoid them like the plague!

Then again, the 'fast food' industry is thriving; most foods sold in these probably contain GMO based plant and/or animal products. But since they are generally just plain bad for you anyway, people just don't seem to care. They prosper!

Ok, so we don't care about our health as demonstrated by the Standard American Diet (SAD). But in generally, we DO care about our Freedom! Don't we? I sure as heck hope so! So if that is the case, lets look at this like any Free Enterprise transactions.

Say you have a very expensive pedigree dog; a champion female 'Tibetan Mastiff'; one of the most expensive breeds anywhere. Say your neighbor has a 'mutt' or a male mixed breed of a Bull Mastiff and who knows what (the kids love it!). What would you do if your neighbor walked their mutt into your back yard and let him breed with your champion 'Tibetan Mastiff' that you have invested thousands of dollars and planned to breed to another champion. Then when the pups are born, your neighbor claims ownership because they are the spawn of his 'mutt'!

First of all, you would be pissed off that he invaded your personal property. Secondly, you would probably sue him for the thousands of dollars lost to you; especially your champion died giving birth to a 'mutt'. Would you win in court? I bet your would; big time! You property (dog) was damaged, your personal property invaded. You have lost a valuable asset. Your neighbor has no rights to the progeny of your property!

Not so much in the agricultural world and the animal breeding domain. Because corporations can patent Life (genetic encoding), imbed unnatural genes (pesticides, poisons, foreign animal and even human genome strands), these corporations can control much of our food; every increasing as more and more natural products are cross-contaminated by neighboring GMO crops.

If they control your food supply (really just a few companies!), what happens when they want to raise prices to the farmer or withhold seeds. What happens when natural crops are all contaminated and there are no natural heirloom seeds left? These companies will control YOUR LIFE! Think about it the next time you go shopping at the local grocery market. Every time you purchase a GMO product, you are promoting the company who may ultimately control your LIFE. What does Freedom mean to you? You decide. Decide with your wallet/purse. Remember, always follow the money trail when it comes to Freedom and Life Liberty and your Pursuit of Happiness!

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Today, thousands of products on supermarket shelves are made with ingredients from genetically modified (also known as genetically engineered [GE]) crops. But GM foods are not labeled in the U.S., despite warnings from doctors and scientists that these foods may not be safe in the diet or the environment. This lack of mandatory labeling can make it difficult to determine which products are made with GM ingredients and which are not. The True Food Shoppers Guide is designed to give you the tools you need to make informed purchasing decisions. 

Ways to stop GMO's from continuting to pollute our food supplies:
1. Buy Organic - Certified organic products cannot intentionally include any GMO ingredients
2. Look for "Non-GMO Project" verified seals
3. Avoid At-Risk Ingredients including Corn, Soybeans, Canola, Cottonseed
4. Buy Products Listed in our  Shopping Guide