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Americans are Sick, Undernourished and Overfed!

We at Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living believe that we must first Make America Healthy Again before we can help others. Americans are fat, sick and nearly dead from lousy nutrition in the richest country on the Planet. Healthcare costs are astronomical as people are literally eating themselves to death with contaminated overly processed, low nutrient value 'food'.

Too many Americans, often unwittingly, feed their kids crap or let them eat crap at the school cafeterias in the, so called, educational system. Kids are being drugged into submission. They are getting diabetes, heart disease and cancer at an ever younger age and it ALL can be traced back to the corruption of our Food Supply.

As America goes, so goes the world as GMO contamination infects so many countries. Many Countries have rejected GMO products, but in America we can't even get the companies to label the food Americans consume. The result is that many previously exported American Farm Products have been banned by other Countries and those Countries are prohibiting the growing and cross-contamination of GMO crops.

More and more evidence, and yes peer reviewed studies, have shown that many of the diseases Americans suffer are Lifestyle related and that means the FOOD you eat. The dramatic rise of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and so many more are on a Direct parallel to the growth of 'fast food', GMO products and the ever increasing use of drugs.

Yes, drugs are polluting our population, rivers lakes and streams. Animals are injected/fed more antibiotics than are people. The commercial animal factories are a source of massive pollutants and there is little or no regulation due to the corruption in government.

We are working as hard as we can and fund this effort with our meager ability but it is a hard sell. Pharmaceuticals and the healthcare industry are making billion$ by treating people to death every day when there are natural and MORE EFFECTIVE means to combat almost all of our lifestyle disease; naturally and with no side effects besides better overall health & wellness!

We offer to work with anyone who will at least listen but few actually do. It is a crime that commercials are filled with unnecessary drug adds and No One pays attention to the horrendous side effects they quickly list.

Yes, America is sick, undernourished and over fed! If America dies, so dies the World so we believe we Must start Here first or we are all doomed.

The solution is so simple that it is ignored.  We ARE what we eat and focusing on healthier, more Whole Foods in our diet, adjusting our lifestyle to include a bit more sunshine and exercise can have a dramatic impact on your health.

I wish we had funding to reach more people. We are fighting a battle against the entrenched healthcare industry, pharmaceuticals and agribusiness; all of which are NOT making America healthy!

Skip Stein

Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living