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How would you like to have your own personal Chef on call?


There are many questions you may have as you progress with your Plant Based Lifestyle that can often can be easily answered; usually quickly but who to ask? Well we offer a new service that allows you to contact Chef Nancy directly for advice and meal related questions.


What will you fix for dinner?

How much of that spice should I really use?

Are meat Analogues really good for you?

Do I have what I need for this meal?

What should I server for desert?

What do I need for non-dairy Deserts?

Where Can I Find This Ingredient?


Almost Anything You Need!

You can explore over 20,000 recipes Chef Nancy has posted on her Pinterest site. Then if you have a question about how to prepare it, issues with ingredients or item substitutions; all you have to do is call!

One of the biggest issues with moving toward a Plant Based Lifestyle is how to prepare your favorite meals and that of your family, the Plant Based Way! Chef Nancy can help you with substitutions and ingredients so you will never have to miss that favorite dish or meal!

If that isn't enough, you can invite Chef Nancy into your home to prepare a delicious Plant Based Buffet for you and a few friends so delicious plant based meals can be sampled!

Reserve your place NOW. Only a few of these Chef On Call retainer arrangements are available. You can select from three levels of monthly schedules:

  • I Need Just a Bit of Guidance up to 6 15 minute calls per month - $75/month
  • I Need Some Help up to 4 15 minute calls per week - $150/month
  • I Have No Idea What I'm Doing Up to 6 15 minute calls per week - $225/month

As you learn and progress, you can change plans at any time and we will adjust the remaining call limits. You can make the call additive, combining a call for longer, using more of your allotted minutes.

Chef on Call


Sign up NOW and we will Contact you with your personal callin number!