Simple Plant Based Cuisine
Whole Food Nutritional Cooking

No Body Eats That Way

Ever notice how those diet books, weight control sites and all those doctors/nutritionists tell you how many grams of this that or the other to consume and how often? I mean, does anyone REALLY eat that way? I know we sure don't! When you prepare a meal, how many weigh each portion of food? NO ONE! You prepare a meal, site and enjoy it.

We are all told to examine the nutrition label and contents of the food we buy; that assumes it has a label. Last time I looked a head of cabbage or a bunch of broccoli didn’t have a nutrition label!

That should tell you something! The very BEST food for you to consume is the one WITHOUT the nutrition facts labels! Seek out every food that is Whole and Natural, without a label and use THAT as your guideline when selecting the most nutritious and the Most Delicious Food for your body!

What about the meat case? Certainly not a Whole Food! Who eats a whole cow, pig or sheep? Well they often have labels on fat, cholesterol and other 'ingredients' in that as well. What they don't tell you is how many antibiotics, drugs and hormones are in that piece of animal flesh. Yea, I know, sounds horrible!

When selecting your Food, if you stick to the Produce Section and graze, you will almost never go wrong. Sure, try to avoid the genetically modified foods, select organic when you can (those little stickers with a bar code starting in '9'

I remember the code on fruit and veggies using a simple rhyme…

8, I hate. It’s GMO!

9 is fine. It's Organic.


If we buy 3 or 4, they are usually conventionally grown and you don't know which or how much pesticide, fungicide or other chemicals were used. Be sure to wash the food thoroughly before cooking or eating. These foods could be saturated with poisons, so using the peel or outer layer in any recipe should be limited. A good, cheap/easy way is to add a cup of natural vinegar to a quart of water and wash your fruit/vegetables. Not only will it help remove contaminants it will actually make them last a bit longer.

Live to Eat or Eat to Live?

You may have heard this kind of silly statement. We ALL eat to live! Food was designed to be Delicious so that humans select and Eat the Best of the Best. Colors of the rainbow are designed to be attractive to humans and OK to consume. Over eating is not an issue with the food, it is usually caused by a psychological or other reason. Sometimes it's simply boredom but you can still eat good Whole Foods when you snack.

It's about the habits you form; or more likely the current poor habits you need to change. If you are a snacker, begin selecting better, healthier snacks. No it doesn't have to taste like cardboard, there are numerous Delicious snack foods available. Nature provided a bountiful harvest in Fruits, designed to be consumed for that quick energy boost when you need one. Apples, pears, bananas are just some of the quick, easy Whole Foods you can snack on. Easy to carry and no refrigeration or preservatives necessary!

Portion Control

The other big thing is 'portion control'. Again, what is a 'portion'? There is one good guideline I would recommend if you need some guidance. Use the Power Plate, recommended by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

The way and what you eat, controls how you live and how you will die! Simple really because the old saying, “You are what you eat.” is TRUE.

With a Whole Food Plant Based diet and lifestyle, you pretty much just eat until you are full. Sure, use the 'Power Plate' if you want some general guidelines but consider an overall average of what you eat for an entire week if you want to compute the portions.

Otherwise, do like we do and just enjoy a delicious Plant Based meal and eat until you are full! The fiber will fill you up and stick with you for hours; making you less likely to snack on junk food.

Living a Plant Based Lifestyle will fill you with energy, healthy and DELICIOUS FOOD and provide all the energy and vitality you will ever need! So sit and enjoy your meal!

If you need some help selecting your meals and following a transition to a more Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle, give us a call!


Skip Stein is a Lifestyle Consultant with Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living, based in Central Florida. Their services are offered Nationally by teleconference or in person during one of their cross country Road Trips.