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"Do not go gently into that good night"


Many of us are starting to actually get 'old', at least in years. I prefer to think of it as a maturation of excellence. Let's face it, the alternative to aging is DEATH; and that is not something many look forward to.

Why is it that so many, as they add years to their lifespan, they seem to loose the Zest of LIFE? How many people do you know, even your parents, who seem to give up after their retirement? How many play incessant rounds of golf, card games or just sit around accomplishing little. This is not LIFE it is wasting away!

Some would tell you that 'retirement' is a time to rest and enjoy life. To me that is a lot of crap! Once you attain a certain age, over 50 or 60 or 70 or 80 or 90, you should have also garnered some pretty awesome experience and living history. Why would you want to waste all the knowledge and experience by flittering away the remainder of your life accomplishing nothing?

Too many people start to develop a variety of diseases; often considered age related. These include heart disease (at ever and ever younger ages), cancer, diabetes and more. Few consider the fact that these are Lifestyle diseases most often caused by a lifetime of eating a diet lacking in essential nutrients. This results in a breakdown, over time, of the body, it's immune system and it's regenerative systems.

The most AMAZING thing is that this deterioration can most often be stopped or in most cased reversed. You will never be the robust 30 something again; that is a fact, but you can damn well regain the energy and vibrance you may have lost as you aged. It is really pretty simple, not expensive (cheap actually), requires NO medications, NO therapies and is FUN! Yep, just change your lifestyle!

I almost did wait too long! Yea, about 6 years ago I got MY wake-up call: prostate cancer. Man, is that a kick in the ass! I won't belabor that here (see: but needless to say, I'm still here when the 'experts' said I'd be dead. Mulder always said: “Trust No One”!

Not only am I NOT dead, I have started several new businesses (mostly not for profit) to help others overcome the aging myth that you retire and then die. Bullshit. No One should ever retire from life; just re-invent yourself.

Use your life, business and other experience to rekindle that zest, vim vigor and vitality you had when you were 30. It's still there, just may have to dig around a bit to rekindle the flame.

You say “I'm too old, sick and tired”? Have cancer, heard disease or diabetes 2? So what, get over it and reverse it! Convince your brain and body that you are not done yet; nope a long way to go and lots of things left to accomplish.

Think of your Grandkids! If you don't have any, adopt some. There are thousands of kids who would love the attention and the gift of love/friendship you have to give. If you aren't into kids so much, how about all Our Thousands of valiant Veterans who might enjoy someone to talk to and maybe even swap stories? Maybe they could use some lifestyle adjustment as well! HELP THEM!

First you have to manage your OWN life and lifestyle. It's not that hard, consider it a business objective and chart how you would succeed in accomplishing this challenge; especially when it is FUN and a learning experience to add even more to your knowledge base!

All you have to do is CHANGE. Maybe one of the most difficult things a person can do. Change can be a challenge, but it can be SO rewarding.

Change what you eat Consider a Plant-Based diet.

Change what you do go out and walk/run, even yoga is fun.

Change the places you frequent try visiting new places.

Change your friends add more and more who are active and vibrant.

Change your thinking expand your horizons to learn NEW things.

Change what you do expand your horizons, start a new business.

Change your focus focus on others, not yourself; volunteer to help others.

Change your Lifestyle - it's not a diet, or exercise program, it is your LIFE!

Don't just sit and wait for the grim reaper. He is eventually there for us all. "Do not go gentle into that good night" Get healthy, eat right, get some exercise and DO Something with your life. Re-Invent yourself, you have a Lot to Give.


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