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It is inevitable that sometime in our lives we will need to change our diets. More and more people are becoming ill and falling into despair with illness and diseases, that are preventable and in some cases reversible. A good example of what the present day diet consist of is to just take a journey inside your local grocery store and view what people are loading into their carts. I guarantee you won't find many greens, veggies or fruits to satisfy even the Standard American Diet Pyramid. Instead, you will see the majority of carts layered with processed foods.

The average American consumes an abundance of processed foods, fast foods, refined sugars and carbohydrates on a daily basis. We add to that a lack of exercise, hydration, overuse of medications and stress so we are a walking time bomb ready to explode. Processed food is an addiction. It is meant to be an addiction and once we realize it as an addiction can we then begin to eliminate it from our diets and begin to heal our bodies using our own miraculous healing power “food” as our medicine.

We are without a doubt a very unhealthy Nation, with record highs documented daily that Diabetes 2, Inflammatory Diseases, Heart Disease, Adult and Juvenile Obesity and Cancer have gotten way out of control. It seems today whenever you talk with someone they will often tell you how bad they are feeling, or perhaps how ill a family member or friend may be. This isn't coincidental, it's a fact, more and more people are just not feeling good and it's fixable just by eating the right combination of foods.

The question I hear most often about living a Healthier Lifestyle, is “Where do I begin?” Our cooking classes are designed to teach you where to begin and help you prepare Delicious Healthy, Nutrition packed (Whole Foods) meals that will please everyone's palate including your family and friends. This food preparation experience will help guide you on the right path to Health and Wellness.

We offer an introduction to a plant-based nutrition with a dinner buffet. Enjoy a sampling of Delicious Foods, Exotic Spices and experience the flavors of foods that Nourish and Heal your body. Sample whole foods prepared with a healthier style and flair. Enjoy grains and prepared foods you may have never before experienced!

Meet Chef Nancy

Nancy will be introducing her educational food preparation classes for beginners in Healthy Lifestyle nutritional dining. You will learn how to create 5 star recipes for your family and friends.


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