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Learning to Thrive in a Divided World

Well, Thanksgiving is a pleasant and fulfilling memory for most of us. We had a marvelous time with our extended Family. We have a divided family but we manage to cope!

Divided you ask? Well Nancy and I live a Plant Based Lifestyle and have for over 6 years now. Man, has it been FUN and an adventure in Exquisite Cuisine you would not believe. Actually most of you reading this probably won't believe it!

Our daughter and her family are well aware of our avoidance of meat, fish, dairy and eggs and, even after all these years, following our defeat of deadly illnesses and our extraordinary health (not been sick at all!), they still persist in a mostly Standard American Diet.

We recognize that you cannot force anyone to change their lifestyle, even when it may mean saving their life. Yes, people refuse to even consider such a change when they are facing a gruesome, painful death.

Diagnosed with Cancer, Heart Disease or Diabetes 2 is often thought as a death sentence, most often preceded by barbaric 'treatments' and a painful journey to the grave. Horrible as this sounds it IS true in so many cases and during the Holiday Season we seem to see many deaths of loved ones.

Family and friends of loved ones suffering from these deadly diseases become part of the suffering as they watch loved ones deteriorate and endure painful, debilitating and, mostly unsuccessful, conventional treatments.

Still, even after all this observation of pain and suffering, few, if any, decide to change their lifestyle to Prevent a similar occurrence to themselves or other family members. WHY?

While we recognize that change is often difficult, but the alternative to a painful death does not seem to motivate sufficiently to inspire a change that could Prevent or Reverse a disease situation.

We know that most people value life and no one is rushing off to dig their own graves, but by ignoring the current horrible health trends in America, it is like you are on a one way ride to the grave. This does Not have to be the case.

Evidence has been available in study after study that reducing consumption of meat, fish, dairy and eggs can help prevent and often reverse disease. When there is a Choice, it sure seems to make sense to at least Try to make that change that could well prevent deadly disease, often reverse existing ailments and prolong a longer and more vital life?

The amazing thing is that while you are eliminating some of the traditional/favorite foods, you will Learn to experience a wide range of cuisine that will replace the previous menu. Analogues to those foods eliminated help ease the transition but are soon dropped in favor of the delicious and exquisite cuisine offered with a Plant Based Lifestyle and diet.

Shouldn't you at least expend the effort to learn more about a healthier lifestyle? Talk to someone who has experienced the increased energy astounding health benefits, even after being diagnosed with deadly disease?

We offer these support services and more. Why not take a bit of time and give us a call to find out how Easy it really is to begin a change to a Healthier, More Vital Lifestyle, simply by enjoying Delicious Cuisine! Give me a call at 407.683.6816 or 407.680.3914; I'd love to chat with you!

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Skip Stein is a Lifestyle Consultant with Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living, based in Central Florida. Their services are offered Nationally by teleconference or in person during one of their cross country Road Trips.

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