Simple Plant Based Cuisine
Whole Food Nutritional Cooking

Many people believe that Plant Based cooking is time consuming and/or difficult.  Chef Nancy shows you how to make delicious Plant Based meals in 30 minutes or less.  Less time than a pizza delivery and Cheaper and Healthier.  Many of these meals are 'one pot' meals so you even save on kitchen clean-up!

Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living Videos


We have decided to experiment with some videos of Nancy cooking.  Previously, we did a TV appearance at a local Senior Community where she prepared her 'Mock Tuna'.  We have moved that video to this section.


Our first try was for a special request from some folks who were having trouble making Vegan 'Cheese' so Nancy did a quick video showing her technique.  It is not edited or 'produced' except from our tripod mounted 'hiking camera' (Olympus TG3).  If these go well and we get a decent response we may try out hand and 'producing' some for sale.


In the meantime, enjoy our videos.


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Mock Tuna

Filmed at Good Samaritan Village in Kissimmee Florida

Cooking Tofu StirFry

A quick simple preparation delicious tofu.

Italian Seitan Sausage Dinner

Easy Italian 'Sausage' and Vegetable Dinner

Black Bean & Pasta with Sausage

Black Bean & Pasta  with Italian Seitan Sausage

Vegan Chili

Nancy's Cooking Vegan Cilia with Rice & Salad