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Whole Food Nutritional Cooking

We have received many requests for information and assistance.  We have held several classes to help acquaint people with a more holistic living and eating approach.  As we get frequent emails, phone calls and even phone text messages on various questions, we have decided to try a telephonic approach.  It is more personal than classroom work, more focused and detailed than email or texting will allow.  It will address your specific questions, issues and concerns!

Individual Consultation

Enjoy a personal consultation experience. We will meet with you privately, in your home or ours to discuss how Plant Based Foods can help you gain/regain your health.  These individualized sessions are not a substitute for your doctors advice/recommendations, but to be considered an adjunct to traditional or professional holistic care.  We will work with you to individualize a program to help you understand the benefits of plant based foods and ingredients and how they may contribute to and supports your own natural healing system.  We will explain how whole foods are prepared correctly to maximize the benefits and to focus on your particular situation.  Whether to promote healing or just to feel More Alive, changing your lifestyle is a life awakening experience.

How to get started!

One of the very first questions we get asked is 'How do I start?".  Once you decide to at least try a Whole Foods Lifestyle, it is one of the hardest things to do.  Start!  We will help guide you and address your specific concerns, issues and roadblocks.  We will guide you and help overcome initial frustrations that always accompany a lifestyle change; even in you believe it will be 'temporary' or just a 'trial run'.  You can trust us, once you begin, the dramatic changes in your Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit will be all the encouragement you will need to continue.


Consultation and classes!

As many cannot attend classes or are out of our geographic area, we can arrange for a cozy class where we will explain our approach, discuss preparation of a meal (raw, vegan, vegetarian) and explain how to get started.  We will discuss your needs and reasons for pursuing a whole foods lifestyle.  It may be for health, environment or just to loose a few pounds.  No matter, we can help guide you and, if needed, call on our team of associates who are counselors and trainers to assist on your path to a more holistic lifestyle.

Setting up a Whole Food Kitchen

Whether you are going towards veganism, raw food or just vegetarian eating, some of the tools and implements are, shall we say, different.  You may have 90% of the tools you need but what about a juicer, dehydrator, blender, food processor? We can help you select a cost effective took kit that will fit nicely with your eating and lifestyle goals. 

Setting up a Whole Food Pantry

When deciding to eliminate animal protean, soy, gluten and dairy, what is left to eat?  Well plenty, but oftentimes it takes a little preparation.  If you don't have a properly stocked pantry/larder, you will find preparing meals of this nature to be daunting.  Many of the ingredients that make these dishes delicious are foreign to most USA based kitchens.  If you suffer from Celiac (gluten allergies) or other allergic reaction to certain foods, there are alternatives.  These alternatives to meat, eggs, dairy and such may not be familiar but they are certainly nutritious and delicious.  Many can be home-made; others purchased locally.  Things like Seitan is a meat substitute made typically from wheat gluten; although there are gluten free recipes we have found!  Tempeh, or tempe in Indonesian, is made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeansinto a cake form.  This is also a good meat substitute in a variety of recipes (ground meat or hamburger replacement).

Agar-Agar is another not so usual food.  Agar or agar-agar is a gelatinous substance derived from red algae.[1] Historically and in a modern context, it is chiefly used as an ingredient in desserts throughout Asia.  While on the expensive side, buying in bulk can save you a lot.

So you see, setting up a Whole Food pantry to meet your vegetarian/vegan/raw-food lifestyle can be a challenge.  We can help!

Setting up a Whole Food Library

No need to purchase dozens (or more) books.  We have a selection that can narrow down your basic set.  We have done the research and you can browse our library and select which volumes you wish to use to build your own whole food library.

Prices are dependent on need and situation.  Please ask us for a quotation based on your particular situation.

Whole Foods Shopping Expeditions

(Group Discounts Available)

Have you ever visited Whole Foods Market?  Wonder where to start or 'what is this stuff'?  Well we will accompany you on marketing excursions to Whole Foods Markets and Local Farmer's Markets.  We will be planning visits to some local organic farms near the Orlando area; like Parke Family HydroFarms near Plant City.  Come join us for a fun excursion and educational experience as we explore the world of Whole Foods!

Contact us for more information or to schedule a training consultation!